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ZANE HELLAS IMMUNE PREMIUM SOFTGELS – A Combination of the Superior Greek Oregano Oil and 8 More Herbal Ingredients – All Working Together to Rapidly Control Proliferation Load and Boost your Immune System.
RECOGNIZE THE PROBLEM – Prone or Sensitive to Various Winter and Seasonal Challenges – Low Immunity and Vitality – Gut System Conditions – Boost Your Overall General Health Appearance With One of The Market’s Best Immune Support Product.
9 SYNERGISTIC HERBAL INGREDIENTS – Multiple Defence System – Contains Oregano Oil – Combined With 8 More Herbal Ingredients, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Echinacea Oil, Ginseng Oil, Garlic Oil, St John’ Wort Oil, Turmeric Oil, Chios Mastic Oil, Ginger Oil, Offers You the Ultimate Defence Solution Against Winter and Seasonal Challenges – Minimize the Duration on Each Case – Provides Wellness and Total Immune Support.
RESTORE YOUR HEALTH – Zane Hellas’ Immune Premium Softgels is one of the Best Herbal Supplement That Meets your Needs – Good Source of Polyphenols – High in Antioxidants – Rich in Phenolic Compounds and Vitamins A, C, E & D- A Premium Herbal Blend Combines the Most Effective Ingredients to Proactively Support Your Immune System.
OPTIMAL HEALTH – FEEL GOOD – A Premium Synergistic Blend of 9 Herbal Ingredients – Support Your General Health and Boost your Immune System – Zane Hellas’ Immune Premium Softgels Offers the Ultimate Defense and Support.

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