Price: $20.80
(as of Jun 19,2021 17:42:35 UTC – Details)

Be comfortable in your own skin: Soothe irritated skin naturally with help from our moisturizing topical powered by red marine algae, the richest source of sulfated polysaccharides
Feel your vibrance: Moisturize problem areas to support your immune system, ward off certain viruses and help relieve chapped lips, lesions and dry, itchy skin
Enjoy targeted relief: Massage gently into affected skin with a cotton swab, reapply as needed
Get the relief you need: Crafted with gigartina to provide immune supporting sulfated polysaccharides
Fiber and digestion: In the wild, our pets would have hunted and killed their prey. Without getting too graphic, by eating their entire hunt, they would have access to roughage and greens through the prey’s digestive tract. This would help them better digest their food and when digestion is optimized, so is absorption of nutrients that they need to thrive. Digestive Greens includes fiber and antioxidants that your pet would have gotten if they still hunted for their food.

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