If you know the amazing results veganism can produce by following the lifestyle yourself, or maybe seeing the positive changes in one of your friends. You probably can’t wait to share the benefits of veganism with your baby. Well your in luck! Veganism is just as healthy for babies as it is for adults. In fact, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietics have deemed a plant based diet healthy at any age, including throughout infancy. Although, just as when weaning your baby with any other diet, you’ll need to be very strict with what you feed your baby to insure he/she is of perfect health. You need to be careful to not exclude nutrients only found in certain foods, in particularly, you should try to incorporate foods with vitamin D, calcium and vitamin B12, as these nutrients are primarily only found in animal foods. Just like with any diet. It will take patience, and trial and error to perfect. This books goal is to serve as a guide for you as you are starting your journey in a society where information on vegan pregnancies is not yet so readily available.

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