Product Features

  • ❤Reduce oppression❤ Sloping design of body pillow fills the gap between the abdomen and the bed, which reduces the pressure on the abdomen and supports the waist. It can be adjusted at will according to different periods, so it is more suitable for the waist.
  • ❤Improve the quality of sleep❤ It satisfies the needs of pregnant women to raise the head, cushion the waist and lift the legs. It can relax the limbs, reduce the stretching of the waist muscles, and relieve the back pain that is common during pregnancy.Let pregnant women no longer suffer from backache, leg injury, abdominal discomfort, etc., have a comfortable and comfortable sleep during pregnancy.In addition, it is also a baby safety pillow to prevent the baby from rolling.
  • ❤Comfortably feeding❤ It makes the mothers comfortable to breastfeed and the baby is easy to eat.Let the mother no longer bow and bend down, reduce the feeding intensity, and avoid the possibility of cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis.
  • ❤product description❤ Zipper design, easy to remove and wash.The size is 55×28 inches and the filling weight is 1550g.Pure cotton material is safer and healthier.The material of cotton will be slightly discolored. It is recommended to use salt water for about 5 hours when cleaning the jacket for the first time, which helps to lock the color.
  • ❤Friendly Tip❤ The product is vacuum packed and when you purchase the product, leave it for a while to make the product fluffy. For the hygiene of the products, we use the vacuum packaging for one-time use and cannot use it twice. Therefore, it is recommended to read the product information in detail. If you have any questions, please leave a message in Q&A and we will reply within 24 hours.

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