Clear Response Fake Positive Pregnancy Test!

Get ready for an unforgettable prank with the Clear Response fake pregnancy test! This test is designed to give a positive pregnancy result every time by simply submerging the tip of the test in water.

Professionally designed packaging from a leading manufacturer makes it indistinguishable from top pregnancy test brands. The box includes two sealed fake tests and instructions.

Perfect prank to play on family and friends at any social gathering. Get ready for an unforgettable joke that will be talked about for years to come!


Product Features

  • FAKE PREGNANCY TEST THAT LOOKS REAL – Manufactured by a top supplier!
  • POSITIVE TEST RESULTS EVERY TIME – Just soak the tip of the test in tap water and you have a positive pregnancy test!
  • LOOKS LIKE TOP LEADING BRAND – Professionally designed package, two sealed tests, and fake instructions make it so no one can tell it’s not real!
  • PERFECT PRANK – Great joke to play on husbands, boyfriends, family and friends!
  • PRANK RESPONSIBLY – Because this test is so convincing, please act responsibly with the audience you are pranking!

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