Are you worried about gaining too much weight when you’re pregnant — or not losing enough weight after the baby arrives?
Let’s face it: to make sure you and your baby are as healthy as possible, you need to be concerned with eating right while you’re expecting. Yet a comprehensive guide to healthy weight gain — including a total pregnancy eating plan — hasn’t been made available to women. Until now.
In this first and only book of its kind, Eileen Behan, registered dietitian and mother of two, answers every imaginable question related to proper, healthy weight gain and the best nutrition for your baby, including exactly what to eat (and what not to eat) as well as how you can return to your pre-pregnancy weight after your baby’s birth.
Working hand-in-hand with your obstetrician’s advice, this wonderful book is chock full of helpful information (what to eat during morning sickness when you don’t want to eat at all), and facts you need to know (is a vegetarian diet safe for your baby?). Complete with an exciting eating program based on six easy-to-understand food groups — and delicious, healthy recipes that you’ll love, The Pregnancy Diet understands a woman’s real-life needs. You’ll find:

  • Weekly weight goals for single births and twins
  • Simple-to-make menus and nutrition-packed meals and snacks
  • Facts about aspartame, soft drinks, caffeine, alcohol, and smoking
  • Exercise programs — what’s safe and what’s not
  • Nutritional guidelines for special problems — gestational diabetes, pregnancy-induced hypertension, doctor-ordered bed rest, and others
  • The best food sources for the essential nutrients you need, including calcium, folic acid, iron, and many more!

At last: an all-in-one nutrition sourcebook for the time in your life when you want to make sure you do everything right.

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