Happier moms and healthier babies―a monthly pregnancy cookbook.

Growing a new human from scratch takes a lot of energy. Fuel up for it by nourishing yourself and your baby during each month of your pregnancy. This pregnancy cookbook is a stress-free way to learn about the specific foods to eat (or avoid) while pregnant and make sure you’re making the healthiest choices for both of you.

It’s a handy, all-in-one reference to eating while pregnant that makes a complex and intimidating process feel manageable. You’ll be comforted to have a pregnancy cookbook that offers recipes for each month, along with detailed weekly meal plans. You’ll also find basics on the current science behind pregnancy nutrition from conception to labor and beyond.

A pregnancy cookbook that breaks it down, one month at a time:

  • Practical advice―Incorporate the right foods into your diet with recipes that are easy to cook and eat, especially when you’re not feeling great.
  • Better for both of you―The chapter for each month explains what’s happening in your body at that stage, and how to manage the new changes better with diet.
  • Catered to your needs―Recipes include tips for how to modify the ingredients to help with nausea, itchiness, blood sugar regulation, and more.

Eat right for both of you with a pregnancy cookbook for every stage.

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