Recipes for managing gestational diabetes―good for you and your baby.

The right diet can be a big help getting through gestational diabetes. The Gestational Diabetes Cookbook & Meal Plan shows you how you can balance your blood sugar while still eating great meals that nourish both you and your baby every single day.

Take the guesswork out of your diet with an easy-to-follow, 4-week meal plan, filled with helpful meal prep tips so you’ll always have food available―even when you don’t feel up to cooking. Want to go off plan? Make sure both of you are eating right with dozens of additional recipes for healthy (and satisfying) breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

The Gestational Diabetes Cookbook & Meal Plan includes:

  • 90 gestational diabetes-friendly recipes―Keep your blood sugar under control without sacrificing the essential nutrition that the two of you need using these delicious dishes.
  • Straightforward meal plan―You’ve already got enough to think about―keep food simple with a complete 4-week meal plan featuring prep advice, shopping lists, and snack options.
  • Health guidelines―Get all the information you need about gestational diabetes, including handy charts for what to eat (and what to avoid), serving size references, and more.

Balance your gestational diabetes with the needs of your pregnancy nutrition with The Gestational Diabetes Cookbook & Meal Plan.

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