Write (and remember) your first-time mommyhood story

The first person you told. The first weird craving you had. The first time you saw your baby. Becoming a mom is filled with firsts that you’re going to want to remember―and with this journal, you’ll chronicle every meaningful milestone and memory of your pregnancy.

The First-Time Mom’s Pregnancy Journal is your trimester-by-trimester guide to capture everything from finding out you were pregnant to holding your newborn. With writing prompts, checklists, activities and more, this book is a fun and easy way for every new mama to create a lifelong keepsake of the joys of pregnancy and motherhood.

The First-Time Mom’s Pregnancy Journal includes:

  • First-time mom firsts―Remember the special moments of every month with questions to guide your journaling. Plus, space for freestyle entries allows you to create your very own pregnancy journal prompts.
  • Handy guidance―Keep track of your prenatal appointments and stay organized with trimester checklists―this pregnancy journal has you covered with all of the essential to-dos to get ready for baby.
  • Fun activities―Daydream about the nursery, brainstorm baby names, scrapbook sonograms, and so much more.

You only experience your first once―capture every moment with The First-Time Mom’s Pregnancy Journal.

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