The essential pregnancy guide for the modern woman

The vast amount of information in encyclopedia-sized pregnancy books for first-time moms can be overwhelming and anxiety inducing. The First-Time Mom’s Pregnancy Handbook is different. Including need-to-know advice relevant to the majority of women and pregnancies. This week-by-week guide will prepare and empower you during pregnancy and beyond.

In the world of pregnancy books for first-time moms, this one is a go-to. With weekly goals you can focus on, including nutrition and milestone trackers, questions for OB-GYNs or midwifes, and tips on caring for your newborn, you’ll be more than prepared for the big day.

This standout among pregnancy books for first-time moms delivers:

  • 40+ weekly milestones―From conception through the first few months of baby’s life, set and accomplish goals based on your weekly priorities and needs.
  • Baby and mom stats―Of all pregnancy books for first-time moms, this one offers a week-by-week rundown of your baby’s development, symptoms you may be experiencing, major appointments, and more.
  • Postpartum prep―Tips for focusing on your emotional health, healing your body after childbirth, taking care of your newborn, and thriving as a new mother.

When you’re thinking about pregnancy books for first-time moms, think about this one.

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