Sanggol Pregnancy Pillow / Full Body Pillow / Maternity Support Pillow
Your Sanggol U-Shaped Pillow is a luxurious, excellent-quality pillow, carefully designed and manufactured to provide great comfort. The filling is quality high grade (7D, AA) anti-allergy hollowfibre filling with no lumps Sanggol Full Body Pillow:
1. Great as maternity / pregnancy body pillow to provide support for the whole body without the need to change your sleeping position
2.Can be used to relieve pain discomfort symptoms occurring in early or late pregnancy
3.Is a great wedge pillow to support baby bump, back, neck, shoulder, and legs during pregnancy?
4.Can help reduce heartburn and back pain in pregnancy.
1.Is extremely useful as nursing pillow or breastfeeding pillow for breastfeeding or bottle feeding your loved one.
2.Is great as baby support from ages 4 to 7 months to secure babies in place on a flat surface
1.Is useful as a total body pillow to provide support for the body after surgery to reduce pain
2.Provides relief from chronic body pain or symptoms of fibromyalgia, ME, arthritis, or similar
1.Can be used on an arm chair/bed whilst reading/watching television/ general relaxation.
2.Use as Husband or boyfriend pillow!

Product Features

  • FULL BODY SUPPORT | Our U shaped pillow has sumptuous filling, our pillow will perfectly support your baby bump, back, neck, shoulders and legs

    MEASUREMENTS (60″ x 38″)

  • FOR EVERYONE | Use for body support after surgery, as a nursing pillow, or as your favorite relaxation pillow.
  • LUXURY PILLOW QUALITY | Sanggol Maternity & Pregnancy Body Pillows are fuller and longer than most maternity pillows. Pillows are comparable to any that you would find in a luxury department store.
  • NON-ALLERGENIC | Great for allergy sufferers. Our pillow are filled with high quality grade AA hollowfibre material. Comes with a removable, washable pillow case made of 100% combed cotton fabric (and does not shrink at 104° F).
  • FEATURES | The middle part of the pillow is shaped around the belly with firm lumbar support – for complete support when needed. The inner edge of the head support is nicely curved around the shoulder so it does not bite into the skin.

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