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100% GRASS-FED WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE: One of the purest forms of proteins, our whey protein isolate is sourced from grass-fed cattle raised on USA pastures that are GMO-free, hormone-free, and chemical-free. Packed with superb nutrition, our protein isolate contains zero additives, artificial sweeteners, and bulking agents to promote good health. Please keep stored in a cool location.
HIGH PROTEIN PERFORMANCE: With the highest bioavailability of any protein powder, our isolate contains 90% protein (24g) in one scoop with essential amino acids to help achieve your fitness goals. Being the purest and highest form of protein, our whey protein isolate is commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes to achieve muscles, weight loss, and enhanced immunity.
GLUTEN-FREE & LACTOSE-FREE: Sourced from naturally-fed cows, our ripped whey protein isolate is soy-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free, and contains zero carbs making it a perfect choice for keto diets. Each serving of whey isolate contains a super dose of protein with no added sugar or fat, to support your fitness needs.
UNDENATURED & COLD-PROCESSED: Our whey isolate undergoes a cross-flow micro-filtration system to maintain protein integrity without fillers or unnecessary ingredients. The whey protein isolate is cold-processed and undenatured (no change to physical properties) to ensure no contamination from chemicals, additives, and heavy metals. Tested to meet stringent quality and safety guidelines, we assure quality, purity, and safety with our products for good health.
MIXES INSTANTLY AND TASTES GREAT: Fuel your gym workout with whey protein isolate that is easy to mix in pre and post-workout shakes, smoothies, meal replacements, and can be used in baking too for an immediate protein boost. The protein isolate tastes delicious and doesn’t leave bitterness or chalky aftertaste in the mouth while providing nutrition to enhance your body’s performance, muscle mass, and post-exercise recovery.

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