A belly cast is a plaster cast made of an expecting mom’s beautiful pregnant form. Making a belly cast with a loved one in the privacy of mom’s home is an easy project that is made in as little as 30 minutes. No mixing of messy materials is required and the end result is a perfect 3D memento of an expecting mom’s belly or torso. A pregnancy belly cast is created by applying several layers of wet plaster strips to the front of mom’s body. After the strips have set, they will hold her shape and the belly cast will come away from her body and she will capture how beautiful she looked during her pregnancy.

Product Features

  • This is the pregnancy belly cast kit you should buy if you want to leave your belly cast plain white for a simple, elegant look or if you like the layered look.
  • Unique for baby shower to create a perfect 3D memento of an expecting mom’s belly or torso. Paint, decorate, or use as a baby shower sign-in.
  • Easy to use kit. No mixing of messy materials. Dries in 1-3 days (depending on climate). All-Natural Lubricant; No Messy Petroleum Jelly
  • Affordable with no sacrifice on quality. Contents: 4 rolls of supeior quality casting material (20 sq ft), all-natural lubricant, gloves, 9x12ft drop cloth, complete instructions in English, Spanish and French.
  • To use: cut strips from the plaster roll, dip the strips in water, one at a time. Then place each strip onto the casting area. Overlap the strips and apply 3 to 4 layers. Wait 5 to 10 minutes after the last strip has been placed, remove cast, and let dry for a few days.

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