Preview Pregnancy Test Midstream Sticks – Rapid Test Detection for Home Self-Checking (2 HCG + 10 LH)

Product Features

  • Over 99% Accurate – Levels of hCG as low as 25 mIU/ml ( FDA standard) can be detected within 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Easy to Use Design – Each test is sealed in individual pouch. It can be carried anywhere with privacy protection.
  • Quick and Reliable Result: Dip the test in urine for 3 seconds and read the result in 3-5 minutes (Double lines for pregnant and single line for not pregnant).
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed – All tests have FDA/CE/FSC approved. We are dedicated to be the best home tests provider. Refund or return for defective products are acceptable. Amazon FSA Store

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