Notice before Pregnancy Test
☑ Best Urine Collection Timing: First urine in the morning.
☑ Do not drink any liquid 2 hours before collecting the urine.
☑ Drug taken contains HCG will cause false positive results.
☑ Test device is for single use only.
☑ Do not use after expiration date.
☑ Results are no longer effective after 5 minutes.

How to Read Results
Positive (Pregnancy): 2 lines are visible regardless of color intensity.
Negative (No Pregnancy): Only control line visible.
Invalid: No visible line at all,or only test line visible

☞Do not allow the urine level to exceed the MAX(marker line),otherwise the test may not perform correctly.
☞Do not use test kit beyond expiration date.

Product List
20 * HCG Pregnancy Tests
20 * Urine Collection Cups
1 * User Manual in 5 Languages (English,Spanish,German,Italian, French)

Product Features

  • 🎀【HCG Test Kit】 : 20 home pregnancy (HCG) tests,20 urine collection cups,1 user manual in 5 languages.Provide you with everything you need to accurately test your pregnancy
  • 🎀【Easy to Use】 : Put the strip in the urine and remove it after 5 seconds.Let the strip lay flat and read the result in 5 minutes.Single line is not pregnant,double line is pregnant.
  • 🎀【Reliable and Effective】 : The accuracy of Mommood test strips exceeds 99%.You can get high-accuracy test results at any time.Minimize the possibility of false positives.
  • 🎀【Safety and Hygiene】 : Each test is sealed in a separate bag.Easy to use,you can take it with you and provide privacy protection.
  • 🎀【Satisfied Guarantee】 : 100% Money Back Guarantee.If you have any questions about this product,please contact us for replacement or refund.We will reply in 24 hours to solve the problem

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