The Complete Pregnancy Kit Every Woman Needs

Wanting to increase your odds of getting pregnant?Want to know as soon as possible if you are pregnant or not? The Mommed At Home Pregnancy test can help you with this.

Everything you need to accurately detect early pregnancy, our set gives you premium quality products you can trust. Wider than most strips, we deliver 99% accuracy!

Mommed products are used by women around the world! This total kit provides you with:

  • 25 Home Pregnancy Tests
  • 25 Urine Collection Cups
  • Convenient Instruction Manual

To get the best, most accurate results, be sure to collect your urine sample by cups for the pregnancy test strips at the morning. Once your urine is collected, you can place your strip into the urine and remove after just 5 seconds. Allow the strip to lie flat for 5 minutes before reading the final results: 2 lines is positive and 1 line is negative.

Know if you’re pregnant or not with fast, accurate results you can really trust.

Helpful Tips:

Do not allow the urine level to exceed the MAX marker line

Do not read results after 15 minutes

Do not use the test past the expiration date

Do not use the kit if the pouch is punctured or not well sealed

You should perform the test soon after opening the pouch

Urine specimens can be collected in any clean, dry container

Store at 39- 86°F( 4-30°C) in the sealed pouch

For in-vitro diagnostic use only (not for internal use) 

Keep out of reach of childrenKeep away from direct sunlight, moisture or heat


Each test strip is designed for single use 

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Product Features

  • THE COMPLETE AT-HOME KIT: This at-home pregnancy kit provides you with everything you need to accurately test for pregnancy. It includes 25 home pregnancy (HCG) tests, 25 collection cups and instruction manual.

  • FOR BEST RESULTS: The first morning urine sample is optimal. We provide disposable urine cups for you to collect morning urine, pregnancy tests may tell pregnancy sooner than missed period if implantation occurs early.

  • ACCURATE TRACKING AND TESTING: Placing your strip into the urine and removing after 5 seconds. Allow the strip to lie flat and then read results in 5 minutes. 2 lines is positive and 1 line is negative.

  • QUALITY PRODUCTS YOU CAN TRUST: We use wider 3mm strips because they have an impressive 99% accuracy rate. The small pouch is easy to carry and keep. The at-home solution for fertility and pregnancy!

  • PLAN FOR PREGNANCY AND WHOLE LIFE SUPPORT: Using the pregnancy test strips, you can accurately predict the ideal time to conceive. The pregnancy tests are precise and accurate, giving you the confidence you need to plan accordingly with the results you want! If you have any question ,please email at

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