HOW TO READ THE RESULT FOR LH OVULATION TEST STRIPS (The following data is derived from the test results whose testees have normal period and ovulation ) Start testing from the 7th day after menstrual period, and a weak positive indication begins to show (the T line color is as deep as the C line), indicating that the testee has entered the ovulation period and needs to perform the test regularly every day. When the color comes near the color of peak, it means that the testee is close to going through the peak of ovulation. The testee should conduct the test every 12 hours or even every 8 hours till the peak of LH is detected. It is recommended to use three test strips at the same time. When the peak appears, the testee will ovulate within 24-48 hours. If the T line color is obviously deeper than the C line, the testee will ovulate within 12-24H. And this is the best time to conceive. Tips: Ovulation test strips are not suitable for pregnant women. The HCG in the urine of pregnant women will interfere with the detection and interpretation of the result. If it is found that the peak of LH occurs for several days, you have to confirm whether you have already conceived.

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