Arvolife hCG Pregnancy Test, 3 Pack

How to Use Arvolife Pregnancy Test?
1. Remove the midstream test from the foil pouch and familiarize yourself with the product.
2. Remove the Cap and Hold the midstream test by the capped Thumb Grip with the exposed Absorbent Tip pointing downward directly into your urine stream for at least 10 seconds until it is thoroughly wet.
The second way: Collect your urine in a container. Then dip only the Absorbent Tip of the midstream test into the urine for at least 10 seconds.
NOTE: Do not wet the Test and Control windows.

What does the test result mean?
POSITIVE: Two red lines are visible in both the test region (T) and control region (C) means you are probably pregnant. One line may be lighter than the other. They do not have to match.
NEGATIVE: One red line is visible in the control region (C) means you are probably not pregnant.
INVALID: The result is invalid if no red line appears in the control region (C), even if a line appears in the test region (T). You should repeat the test with a new stick test.

How do you know that the test was run properly?
The appearance of a red line in the control window (C) tells you that you followed the test procedure properly and the proper amount of urine was absorbed.
When can I take the test?
You can test your urine as early as the first day you miss your period. You can perform the test anytime of the day. However, if you are pregnant, first morning urine contains the most pregnancy hormone.

Package List:
3 X HCG Pregnancy Test
1 X User Manual

Product Features

  • ❤️Fast & Easy to Test: Either simply urinate to the test absorbent pad for 10 seconds, no cup needed; Or Dip the Test Tip in the collected Urine sample for at least 10 seconds.
  • ❤️Quick & Sooner to Know: Get an accurate result after 5 days conception. Reading the result within 5 minutes, Knowing baby sign may be sooner than expected period if implantation occurs, two lines means pregnant and one line means not pregnant.
  • ❤️Accurate & Reliable Result: FDA Approved and Results are over 99% accuracy compared to the other urine membrane hCG test. Consumers feedback has proved the reliable results. Levels hCG as low as 25 mIU/ml (FDA standard) can be detected within 5 minutes.
  • ❤️Safety & Health: 3 count Individual Sealed Package midstream test sticks are hygienic and easy to carry and test at home or on the go.
  • ❤️100% Customer Satisfaction: Once you order our items, you’ll get protected by our 180 day. Please email us for any question you may have. Our customer support team is ready to go the extra miles with you.

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