Tape Pregnancy is a drug-free, safe alternative, means by which mothers-to-be can mitigate many of the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. These aches and pains include the upper and lower back, feet, carpal tunnel, and other bodily areas. Keniso Tape Pregnancy is made from cotton that has been treated with an acrylic adhesive, making it nearly as thin and stretchy as human skin. These qualities mean that there is little chance of abreaction between the tape and the skin it makes contact with. The Keniso Tape Pregnancy is made elastic so that it can gently pull the skin upward, allowing any excess fluids, such as from nascent blisters, to drain off and soothe pain receptors within the affected areas. Keniso Tape Pregnancy can be easily applied to any region of the body that is troubled by pain, spasms, swelling or hampered strength. For most mothers-to-be, even one chance to make the aches and pains go away for a few consecutive days can be almost as much of a blessing as the child. Furthermore, discomfort and pain during pregnancy can lead to improper resting. One other benefit of Keniso Tape Pregnancy is that its close resemblance to the physical traits of skin means that mothers can sleep while the tape is wrapped around their sore spots without any negative effect on their rest. Pregnancy tape is ideal for bringing pregnant mothers the support and relief they so desperately crave, especially in the third trimester. Check with your physician before using this product. This tape can do wonders to bring a level of comfort and support to any mother. Tips for Using This Product. Only apply to healthy, intact skin. Don’t touch the adhesive Completely remove the backing paper before spreading the ends over the body. Press the ends of the tape down without stretching them out. Rub all of the loose edges against the skin. Remove tape when it becomes uncomfortable. Pregnancy Tape also makes a great addition to Cozy Bump. We highly suggest also getting a Cozy Bump

Product Features

  • ⭐️Round Ligament Pain – Pregnancy Tape is commonly used during pregnancy for round ligament pain because it supports the belly from pulling on the ligament. Cozy Bump could also help with this pain.
  • ⭐️Showering – Can be warn in the shower or when swimming. Cozy Bump Company
  • ⭐️Sciatica – Pregnancy Tape Helps with Sciatica pain by relieving some of the stress on the lower back. You can also check out our other product Cozy Bump.
  • ⭐️Maternity Belt – Pregnancy Tape provides the same support if not better then a bulky Maternity Belt. Cozy Bump Company
  • ⭐️Post Pregnancy – Keniso Tape Pregnancy is used post pregnancy to support the abdomen during recovery. Cozy Bump Company

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