Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life. A little miracle is growing inside her womb and filling her heart. Are you planning for a baby or are already expecting? Then this book is for you! This book is designed to be your companion during the 9 months of your pregnancy. Like a loving friend who encourages you to be grateful for the little joys of life, this book helps bring you closer to your God and your loving Angels. There is a set of prayers & affirmations for each week of your pregnancy, blessing both you and your baby so that both of you have a wonderful journey ahead and a life time of love. Bringing this book to the world, to the hands of expectant mothers as a way for them to connect with God and their child – was Archangel Gabriel’s idea which she planted in my mind. Archangel Uriel and I (the author, Jayasri) then wrote out this whole book – in a week’s time! I am honored to have been chosen to bring this book to you. I hope this book will touch you and help you in your journey. Thank you.

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