Why choose our pillow(Almohada de embarazo, almohada de maternidad, almohada del cuerpo,Oreiller de grossesse, oreiller de maternité, oreiller de corps)?

These hypoallergenic pillow will help Relieve: Back,Neck & Shoulder Pain,Maternity Discomfort,Restless Sleep

The Comfort-U Body Support Pillow is perfect for health care settings where more sedentary individuals require additional support

-Size: 55in X 31in X 7in

-Designed to caress curves of the body;

-Inner curve keeps mom’s back and belly supported;

-Improved lumbar support;

-Support allows belly to rest right on the pillow;

-Upper and lower body can be elevated by the reverse and overlap;

-Will help elevate baby during nursing which comforts mommy;

-Care instructions: Cover zips off and is machine washable;

Product Features

  • The body pillow is made of Ease Care Queen Polyester & Cotton Blended Fabric
  • Slick high loft hollow fibre filling for bounce back support,Queen size:55″ X 31″ X 7.8″
  • Our pregnancy pillow is easy to remove pillowcase with side to side zipper mechanism so no fuss when removing the case
  • Use for pregnancy support or to reduce hearburn, back pain and swelling in pregnancy, for breastfeeding and nursing, relaxation at home or as body pillow support
  • This maternity u shaped body pillow creates a belly support position for reading, watching TV, breastfeeding and so on

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