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As an expectant mom, you have a lot of things to get done before the big arrival. You may be feeling joy, excitement, anticipation, and even nervousness – all perfectly normal. What you need is a list of what to expect during the next nine months and a detailed plan of what you should do as you progress through each month.

You’ll probably read a lot of books telling you what to do. Here’s a practical solution for you to keep track of what you need to accomplish – just follow the checklist. Extra pages are included for you to keep notes along with 60 extra pages for you to track your “to do list.”

While your pregnancy journal is your beautiful keepsake, your Pregnancy Monthly Checklist is your running log of what to buy, errands to run, little things you need to remember and just a place to write a note. You can’t expect to get all this in your pregnancy journal book.

You have a nursery to plan, your hospital bag to prepare, a baby shower list to assemble, and a host of other ideas that will pop into your head. This pregnancy checklist book is the perfect size to put in your purse, bag, or briefcase. Carry it with you everywhere you go and even plan to save it as a keepsake with your pregnancy journal after the delivery.

Size: 6×9

Cover: Glossy Softcover

Layout: There are 3 sections to the book. The first section is a list of daily activities for you to consider during your pregnancy. The next section provides you with monthly checklists to guide you through each month of your pregnancy. These are suggested activities you can do to prepare for the birth of your baby. The last section of the journal consists of 60 pages of blank, lined to do list pages that you can date to record things you are currently working on. Each page includes an embellishment for interest.

Extra Pages: Each section has extra pages for you to keep notes, doodles, or reminders.

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