From the moment you see the two pink lines on the test to the moment you are holding your new baby in your arms, this journal is a great way to capture every precious moment of your pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Journal is a great way to track your pregnancy with the week by week diary. There is plenty of room to keep notes on how you are feeling both physically and mentally. There is also a weekly meal planner so you can keep track of the foods you are having any aversions to or the foods you are craving. Buy this pregnancy journal today as a gift for the first-time mom or the mom of 5. This would be the perfect gift for anyone expecting a baby or treat yourself to the journal when you find out you are expecting!

Journal Includes:

*199 Pages

*6 x 9-inch, Perfect Size to take with you to your appointments so you don’t forget anything.

*Prenatal Appointments overview pages for you to track your important information from Blood Pressure, weight, Fundal Height, Baby Heart Rate, Question to ask and Notes from the appointment.

*A great comparison chart to compare how big your baby is to different items based on how many weeks pregnant you are.

* 40 weeks to track entire pregnancy. Each week includes an area on how you feel, what you are both excited about and worried about, and even an area for your to do list for the week. We included a journaling page to capture anything else you want to take notes or write about.

*Each week a place for a picture of your baby bump or you could do something fun and take pictures of your nursery progress or maybe your feet showing any swelling that you might get.

*Baby name list for boy and girl names that you love

*Baby Shower guest list

Grab your copy today!

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