Thousands of woman are growing a real live human inside them for 9 whole months. Write (and remember) your first-time mommyhood story. Capture Every Precious Moment of Your PregnancyMy Pregnancy Journal To Pee Or Not to Pee? That is never the question. Pee. is your weekly guide to capture everything from finding out you were pregnant to holding your newborn. With writing prompts, checklists, activities and more, this book is a fun and easy way for every new mama to create a lifelong keepsake of the joys of pregnancy and motherhood.My Pregnancy Journal includes:✅ What Happened When I found out✅ Initial Thought and Feelings ✅ Boy Names- Girl Names✅ Letter to my unborn child✅ First Sonogram Photo✅ Birthing Plan✅ Nursery Preparations✅ Doctor Appointment Cards✅ Topics to Research- Baby shower planning page✅ Baby Shower Guest List✅ Baby Shopping List✅ Hospital Packing List✅ Weekly Weight Tracker✅ Baby Shopping List✅ 4 Pages per week (40 weeks in total)✅ Thoughts and To Do ✅ Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery List✅ Journaling Page✅ Belly Photo Page Becoming a mom is filled with firsts that you’re going to want to remember? and with this journal, you’ll chronicle every meaningful milestone and memory of your pregnancy. Carry this journal with you wherever you go or take a reflective moment when you have the time and record what matters most.Keep this journal just for yourself, to share your experience with a loved one, or wait and read your words to your new little one after they arrive.- Weekly Pregnancy Journal with 194 Pages, Make Great Gifts for First Time Moms! – Product dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″ Scroll up and select the BUY NOW button to get started

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