Are you pregnant and thinking that it’s time for a change in your diet?

Do you ever wonder how the food you eat affects your growing baby?

Perhaps you worry that the baby might be getting the wrong or insufficient nutrients?

Would you like to start eating healthy but feel like a busy schedule always gets in the way? 

  • What you eat has a direct effect on your baby’s development. 
  • It is therefore more important than ever, now that you are pregnant, to eat a healthy diet with the right nutrients. 
  • Eating unhealthy food can rob your baby of vital nutrients and even cause complications − now or after birth. 
  • By eating healthy, you provide your child with the best possible chance for a healthy and happy life. 
Knowing what to eat when pregnant can be difficult, however. 
Motivating yourself to eat healthy and finding time to cook with a busy schedule can be even more challenging. 
That is why I’ve put together this book, which teaches you about everything: from which nutrients your baby needs to how you can cook healthy food quickly and easily. 
Through simple descriptions and entertaining information you will learn about what to eat and what to avoid, during your pregnancy.
You will find out how you can cook healthy meals in just minutes each day and how to best motivate yourself to stick to this new diet. 
Imagine feeling satisfied that you are finally eating healthy and that both you and your developing baby are energized and happy from all the nutrients you are getting. 
You can now easily prepare meals that are both healthy and tasty. 
Eating well doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult, and the rewards for both you and your baby will be nothing short of amazing. 
Pick up this book and begin your new and healthy life − today.

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