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Are you looking for recipes that are not only healthy but also easy to follow? You are moms-to-be or just a cooking lover or even just an eating lover? This Pregnancy Cookbook is the one for you to learn and follow, so what are else in this book? With the main goal of creating a well-balanced diet for pregnancy, this is a collection of healthy recipes that are packed with a lot of nutrients, so this is the cookbook that every pregnancy should have.

In addition, it contains 15 chapters within 90 recipes named the main ingredient included in those recipes. You are easy to find the recipes you are looking for according to the name of main ingredients, also the name of each chapter.

For example, in chapter 1, you will see a collection of 6 tasty recipes for beef and all of them are really healthy and mouth-watering. Colorful and crunchy are two adjectives to describe the chapter of salad. With the chapter of smoothies, they will be irresistible to everybody. Especially all recipes contained in this book come with step-by-step instructions which make them become more simple and easier for everybody to follow, even the beginners.

Moreover, unlike other similar cookbooks, “PREGNANCY COOKBOOK: 90 Recipes Ready within 30 Minutes” gets you to start on the DASH Diet right away without spending hours in the kitchen or reading “theories”.

And much more!

And here is what this book contains:

  1. Chapter 1. Beef
  2. Chapter 2. Chicken
  3. Chapter 3. Fish
  4. Chapter 4. Seafood
  5. Chapter 5. Bacon
  6. Chapter 6. Pork
  7. Chapter 7. Egg
  8. Chapter 8. Pasta
  9. Chapter 9. Noodle
  10. Chapter 10. Salad
  11. Chapter 11. Snack
  12. Chapter 12. Dessert
  13. Chapter 13. Smoothie
  14. Chapter 14. Drink
  15. Chapter 15. Recipes for Vegetarians

However, after reading some reviews from the readers who helped me to recognize some mistakes I had made, I decided to replace the recipe that contained alcohol ingredient with another recipe. Some were the mistakes of typo, I also carefully checked and corrected them, and hope that I didn’t miss any words, so really thank the readers for helping me to recognize them and I really appreciate about that. Also, I will pay attention more about these for my next books. Hope that readers who have read my book won’t stop supporting me in the future.

And now are you ready to discover 90 tastes and flavors contained in this book?

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