As a mother, the best way to protect your unborn child is to protect yourself. While expecting mothers to take extra safety measures to protect themselves and their children, there are hazardous activities that are prone to fatal injuries. To avoid compromising the quality of your life during your pregnancy, we introduce the Safety Maternity Bump Belt for Pregnant Women.

Importance of Pregnancy Seat Belt:
Many pregnant women opt not to wear seatbelts because it is too uncomfortable or they are under the impression that seat belts could do more harm than good. Experts, however, remind pregnant mothers to not ditch seatbelt as it would bring more harm to the safety of your unborn child. However, during a collision or even just a sudden stop, the sudden jolt from a belt in this position could cause the placenta to tear away from the uterus or cause other injuries. The better way to go is to opt for a maternity seat belt that is specifically designed to avoid strangling stomach while maintaining safety precautions by attaching the belt across the legs and hips.

Extra reminders to increase vehicular safety during your pregnancy:
1. Never wear the belt across or above your belly to avoid extra pressure on your unborn baby.
2. When on the driver’s seat, provide as much space as possible from the steering wheel.
3. If possible, adjust your steering wheel upwards to that the airbag will target your chest and not directly on your stomach.
4.It is advisable for pregnant mothers to avoid driving and as much as possible, sit on the passenger seat. Passengers in the back seat suffer less serious injuries compared to those in front seats
5. If you suffer from a car accident, even for a minor accident, consult your doctor immediately. You may feel fine, but there could be unseen injuries suffered by your baby.

Product Features

  • Innovative Design for the Safety of your Unborn Child: This pregnancy support belt is uniquely designed to provide protection that safety buckle gives, without compromising the safety of your child. The standard design for seat belt has safety could provide discomfort and safety hazards. With this new design, the belt is secured below your belly and across your legs and pelvis. It complete avoids your baby bump.
  • Treat Yourself with a Peace of Mind: With the safety future of the bump belt, you will have a peace of mind knowing that your baby won’t have to experience complications due to seatbelt injuries. Definitely, the safety of your baby and a peace of mind is worth the full value of your money.
  • Bring Comfort with Safety: Not only does it provides extra mile of safety for you unborn child, it also provides comfort, not just for pregnant women but also for postpartum mothers, patients who undergo abdomen/stomach surgeries, and such. Plus, it is also designed in a way that is not obtrusive to other passengers who like to use the standard seatbelt. You don’t need to remove the belt adjuster, and the passengers/driver won’t even notice it.
  • Installation: Please note to allot extra time for installation to ensure that the device is safely installed. The installation is made easy with our intensive user manual, although it makes some time depending on the type of car seat and car brand (in terms of size & material). For leather seat, we suggest to put a piece of clothing as to not damage the leather part of your car seat.
  • For Switching Cars/Car Seats: With the safety installation design, the device is not easily transferable or movable. Thus, we recommend to buy an extra device for users who regularly switch cars/car seats (from driver to passenger, or own 2 cars or more) to avoid the hassle of uninstalling and installing the device from one car to another.

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