Preg-No! Fake Pregnancy Solution will turn any pregnancy test positive! Just put the solution on the pregnancy test until it’s good and soaked and watch the results turn positive every time! Another way to use it is to put the entire contents of the bottle in a cup containing 2-3 ounces of urine and then put the pregnancy test into the cup to get a positive result every time! We have sold 100’s of bottles on Amazon and 10’s of 1000’s of bottles around the world! PREGNO REALLY WORKS!! We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee that Pregno will turn your pregnancy test positive every time!!! Preg-No! is colorless, has no smell, and is non-toxic! It’s also impossible to detect! Each bottle has 10ml of solution that will give you multiple uses. Pregno is the #1 selling false pregnancy prank in the USA! Manufactured by Pregno Labs ( **BONUS** Amazon customers that purchase Pregno will receive A FREE PREGNANCY TEST! We are giving you a free pregnancy test with every bottle so you can prank as soon as Pregno arrives! No having to run out to the drugstore to get a test! It’s our way here at Pregno of saying Thank You to all our Amazon customers for making Prengo the #1 selling pregnancy prank in the world!

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