Having a baby is life-changing. It has an impact on all areas of your life and those around you.Not only does your body change, but also your mood and these changes can continue throughout and well into the post-birth period.This is a time when you need to love, nurture and listen to your body needs. You need sleep, good nourishing food, some downtime to relax and enjoy time with your baby. To achieve some of your goals, you may have to ask friends and family for help. There is no shame in asking for help.Moreover, you may be dreaming of getting back to the weight and shape you were before your pregnancy This will involve careful sensible eating and some form of exercise.This journal aims to make you aware of your needs, what you are feeding yourself and ultimately your baby if you are breastfeeding.Noting down everything you eat, do and think will help you become conscious of what you are doing to yourself and your body. It will hopefully, stop emotional, and unconscious eating of sweets, biscuits, sugary drinks and fast foods.Losing weight requires a wish to lose weight, a clear recognition of what you are putting in your mouth and a willingness and determination to control your habit of feeding on what’s at hand without conscious thought.

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