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HIGH ACCURACY – life2O pH test strips use dual color pad technology for more accurate Alkalinity and Acidity results. Optimized pH 4.5 to 9.0 range, more accurate than litmus paper rolls.
MULTIFUNCTION – Tracks pH on male and female human urine as well as dogs, cats and other pets. Can be used for pH measurement of any liquid including kombucha, drinking water, hot tub, pool and spa.
ALKALINE DIET CHECKER – Ensure your healthy alkaline diet is working by testing urine and saliva pH twice daily. Eat alkaline foods such as green vegetables and fruit to see your urine pH rise.
EASY TO USE AT HOME – Extremely simple to use with color coded chart and results in 15 seconds. pH Nutrition Guide e-Book with alkalizing food recipes link in the package.
DIRECTIONS – Simply dip the ph test strip in a sample cup or directly pee on it. Make sure the urine does not contact the color pads for more than 2 seconds. Hold the strips horizontally for 15 seconds and then hold the strip against the color chart on the bottle. Match the closest color pair between the strip and color reader chart.

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