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Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy And Active – PetHonesty’s 10-For-1 Senior Multivitamin soft chew treats are vet-recommended for older dogs (7+ years) and contain essential vitamins, fatty acids and minerals including glucosamine, probiotics, vitamins and omegas, for dog’s overall daily health. These treats support senior dogs’ vision, organs, immune system, skin, and joints.
Nutritional Support For Joint Strength And Flexibility – More than fifty percent of senior dogs have or will develop severe joint issues. These soft chew supplement treats made with natural ingredients have high amounts of glucosamine and other joint support ingredients that support connective tissue and joint health.
Support Healthy Digestion with 1 Billion CFU Probiotics – These one a day dog vitamins contain probiotics and pumpkin that help keep your dog’s digestive system running smoothly and support absorption of nutrients.
10 Benefits In 1 Delicious Treat – In addition to joint support and digestion, PetHonesty’s 10-for-1 Senior Multivitamin soft chews also help support energy at a cellular level as well as organ, immune system and skin/coat health. Ingredients tailored to senior dogs like Selenium Yeast, Organic Mushrooms and more help keep your senior dog in peak condition
Immune System + Heart Health Support With Vitamins A, C And D3 – A blend of vitamins and nutrients with antioxidant properties that also help promote a healthy inflammatory response, support the immune system and cardiovascular health. The soft chew treat form of these multivitamins are appealing and appetizing to dogs, making it easy for you to support your dog’s overall health.

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