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  • our baby test pregnancy test strips are designed for the modern mommy trying to become pregnant naturally. Our pregnancy test strips (HCG) let you know if you are pregnant way faster than having to wait to see if you missed your next period.
  • Easy to Use & Highly Reliable: you simply dip our pregnancy test strips into your urine for 5 seconds. Then lay the test flat. Wait 5 minutes and exactly at the 5-minute mark read the results on the test strip. Super simple & super accurate. Test strips are single use & individually wrapped.
  • Reading your Pregnancy test strip results: our baby test pregnancy test strips measure the pregnancy hormone (HCG) – Chorionic Gonadotropin found in your urine. If two color bands/lines appear on your pregnancy test strip this most likely indicates, you are pregnant. If you get a positive indication you are pregnant you should test the next day to confirm.
  • The amount of HCG increases if you are pregnant during the first weeks; thus, you should continually test positive. If only a single line appears then you are not pregnant.
  • our baby test pregnancy test strips are FDA cleared, extremely sensitive & 99.9% accurate. Includes Free urine specimen cups & ovulation/pregnancy tracker sheet(s).

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