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Plant-based omega-3s from organic flaxseed (alpha linolenic acid) and organic sea buckthorn; 60 chewable gummies (1 month serving) improves overall health, immunity, heart function, mental performance, and responses to inflammation; For kids, adults, and women
Vegan and Vegetarian-friendly; Sugar-free; Sweetened with natural ingredients such as maltitol syrup, peach fruit, vanilla essence, monk fruit, and black carrot juice for a pleasant fruity taste; Free of contaminants that may be found in omega-3 fish oil.
Omega-3s ALA support optimal heart function; Protects brain and eye cells; Reduces the risk of age-related changes that alter sight and mental health; Taking omega-3s regularly heightens memory, motivation, focus, and energy.
Offers full body protection: Heightens blood circulation, increases antioxidant activity, enhances skin protection, improves bone and joint health, and promotes more rapid tissue repair. Omega-3s also help restore optimal immunity and calm an overactive immune response.
Allergy-free – Does not contain dairy, fish, shellfish, nuts, wheat, artificial flavors, colors, or additives. Gummies your entire family can take with ease; Experience the well-known health benefits of omega-3s from plant-based sources by taking just two (2) gummies daily.

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