A fresh green salad…

…or a 4-day old cheeseburger washed down with enough sugary soda to drown an elephant.

To some people it’s all the same.

Not you. You care about baby’s health more than that.

So let’s talk about DHA Pregnancy Supplements. DHA comprises 40% of the Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in the brain and 60% in the Retina. Prenatal DHA is so crucial that the NIH recommends pregnant women get at least 300mg per day. Studies show most women don’t get enough (and it’s worse for vegetarians and vegans). Even worse, prenatal vitamins with dha don’t contain enough prenatal dha.

These same prenatal vitamins with DHA are simply fish oil pills. (Ground up dead fish in gelatin capsules made from animal bones. Ewww!)

Then there’s the real issue You know how they say not to eat swordfish and tuna when you’re pregnant? That’s because those fish are higher up on the food chain and have accumulated toxic mercury.

How much mercury-laden fish oil is tolerable for a developing fetus? We don’t know and we don’t care to find out.

Instead, we decided to go right to the source and make the best DHA pregnancy supplement from marine Algae. That means ZERO mercury and a DHA Prenatal Vitamin that’s 100% vegan.

Introducing Diet Standards O3 Prenatal DHA.

Making the best Prenatal DHA starts with marine algae grown and harvested in a clean, sustainable environment. Then it’s encapsulated in 100% Vegan softgels in an NSF Certified and FDA Registered facility. Then every batch is 3rd party lab tested to be extra safe. All done in the United States for the highest quality DHA Prenatal.

Want the best Prenatal DHA money can buy? You’re in the right place. Click buy now if you want to get a bottle.

Product Features

  • The Best Prenatal DHA Product? – Decide for yourself. But if you’re looking for the best Prenatal Vitamin, you’ve probable noticed most don’t contain enough Prenatal DHA. Diet Standards O3 Prenatal DHA contains 450mg of DHA per serving (150% of the daily recommended dose). That makes it the perfect DHA Pregnancy Product to use with your Prenatal Vitamins.
  • 100% Vegan: Algae Oil + Capsules made from Seaweed Extract. No funky fillers or fish here. Just the best DHA Pregnancy Vitamins you can get.
  • Algae Oil = No Mercury. Many competing products use fish oil that often contains toxic mercury. O3 Prenatal DHA contains no mercury because it’s made with clean, environmentally friendly algae oil. Babies and mercury don’t mix. Pick the best prenatal vitamins you can find.
  • 180-Capsules = 60-Day Supply. Spending $12 on “Prenatal Vitamins with DHA”? Look closer. Those products are typically under-dosed on key ingredients. Look past the “1 tiny pill” marketing shenanigans. Cheap DHA Pregnancy products don’t work. Plus on a per-capsule basis you end up paying more. None of that here. You get a full 60-day supply!
  • Lifetime Money Back Guarantee – You’re gonna love Diet Standards O3 Prenatal DHA. It’s simply the best prenatal dha on the market today. We’re so confident that we offer a lifetime money back guarantee.

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