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FASTER WEIGHT LOSS 5 TIMES MORE&BODY SHAPING: Neoprene slimming vest promotes faster weight loss and gaining a sculpted figure faster. It helps you burn calories FIVE times more which allows you to reach your body goals. Whether it is a flat tummy, toned arms and thighs, this suit will help you burn the extra calories to lose those inches and have well-defined arms and legs. If you were searching for the best resource to use to regain shape after pregnancy, this is the gift you need.
INCREASE SWEATING UP TO 9 TIMES MORE: This Sweat vest traps and builds up the thermal temperature rapidly which in turn increases the metabolism in your body and triples the amount of sweat with every physical activity you undertake. Since to burn more fat requires you will need to sweat more. As a result, you burn a lot of fat which helps you lose weight faster and you also develop more resistance.
HIGH ELASTICITY &PLENTY OF BREATHING SAPCE: This Slimming Vest is made of thin AIRPRENE with MICRO-PIERCING and SCR NEOPRENE polyester material. This prevents the rubbing of arms and thighs while the micro-piercing ensures efficient body heat regulation. High quality zipper and hook ensure the sauna top stays up for the duration of the physical activity.
LIGHT&SOFT&COMFORTABLE&EASY TO WEAR: This sweat vest is light, soft and comfortable to the skin and easy to wear and pair with any workout shirt or gear you want. It is stretchable nature and bi-directional makes it easy to wear and also allows for extensive exercise movements.
WELL STITCH&BIDIRETIONAL ELASTICITY&STANDARD SIZE: This Thermal Vest is perfect stitches without break in fitness, Stretchable to offer better support. This suit combines the functions of a body shaper, waist trainer and sweat vest in one amazing outfit. It can be used for all manners of exercises from yoga to weight training and even running. Standard size in US, according to the left size chart picture.

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