CONGRATULATIONS! You’re pregnant! 

This 2020 Pregnancy Planner is perfect for both first-time mothers to record all their important notes, throughout their journey, into one place. 

This planner includes: 

  • Monthly planning pages [Undated so you can record from any date] 
  • Weekly planning pages [Also undated] 
  • A Dear Baby page [for you to write a letter to your baby!] 
  • An Ultrasound Photo Page [With Notes for you to write how you felt in that moment] 
  • Baby Name table page [scribble down names that you and your partner like]
  • Monthly prenatal vitamin tracking page 
  • Appointment tracking page 
  • Things to do pages 
  • Hospital packing list pages 
  • Baby shower guest list 
  • Baby shower gifts log 
  • Baby’s Birth page [jot down all the information about your newborn and the birth story!]
  • And a nesting page! 

Key Features: 

  • 8.5×11 sized planner which perfectly sized for travel 
  • 94 detailed pages for you to jot down memories! 
  • weekly and monthly undated pages 

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