Beyond easy-fast recipes and remedies that promote milk production and a mother’s best health, MOTHER FOOD guides mothers through the weeks after childbirth with emotional support and wisdom. Colic, fussiness, allergies – each of these areas can be improved with awareness around the mother’s food choices. Fatigue, depression, feelings of failure, auto-immune disease, food cravings and weight issues – each of these can be improved with better food choices. A mother’s and her baby’s future health can be taken to the next level by solving the postpartum problems now: this is the wisdom and mission of Hilary Jacobson’s writing. MOTHER FOOD is endorsed by La Leche League, midwives, doulas, CLCs and IBCLCs (board certified lactation consultants), many of whom apply the practices described in MOTHER FOOD in their practice with mothers. Inspired by MOTHER FOOD, lists of lactogenic foods and herbs are now given to mothers as handouts in clinics and hospitals. Recipe books are now available, and other books describing the lactogenic diet. But these lists and books do not address and encompass the entire scope of possibilities that are described in easy-to-read language in MOTHER FOOD. This book is written to give parents a path to better health, better intelligence and focus, and a happier and healthier family.

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