Unique curve designed, the lumbar bed pillow can support your back more comfortable than other triangle sleeping pillow. This new memory foam pillow improves posture and provides lumbar support while sleeping on your side or back, extending to its length to allow you toss and turn onto each side as well as your back during the night,the outer cotton case can be taken off and washed,recommend this pillow for your family or friend who suffering from lower back,sciatica and leg pain,have a good night’s sleep after several months without waking up several times or having backache in the morning. Help for: Perfect for pregnancy and maternity For back ,stomach and side sleepers Knee support pillow for back pain relief Lumbar support pillow while seating Leg spacer for side sleeping Ankle elevation to reduce varicose veins Perfect gift for family and friends who have disc/back problems Package: 1 sleeping pillow & 1 eye mask

Product Features

  • 1. Relieve Hip Sciatica and Back Pain: Different from the normal sleeping pillow, ergonomically designed lumbar support pillow fit your waist fully and no foreign body sensation, fills the gap between waist and bed, perfect support the back or the knee, you can experience hip, sciatica, back, knee pain relief and enjoy a better night’s sleep. Keep your legs, hip and spine in ideal alignment while sleeping. Very suitable for the lower back pain people and pregnant woman.
  • 2. Multifunctional: This bed pillow not only can be used for side sleepers to protect the waist, but also can be placed in the calf or below the knee, providing comfort. Zero gap fit, offer you the best support and decompression effect.
  • 3. Good Dimension: Dimension is 23.6L * 12.3W * 1.2(Lower)2.36H(Higher). Lumbar Support cushion has been perfectly measured to fit the curvature of your back while sleeping, fits different sleeping posture while keep “S” curve and avoid turning over, different thicknesses, stable triangle designed keeps your back and waist healthy, fully support the back without any gap to help you reduce pressure at night, prevent strain of lumbar muscles, relieve lumbar pressure.
  • 4. 100% Premium Memory Foam: Inner material is medical grade memory foam which can retain its shape for continued support, never go flat, no more tossing, offers the right balance of support and comfort, Hypoallergenic.
  • 5. Soft and Skin Care Velvet Cover: The cover is so soft that easily take you to sweet dreams. Outer cover is machine washable, so easy clean cover, also the durable cover provides breathability, on the memory foam there is an white inner cover which increases comfort and absorption ability.

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