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✔ Rebound Fitness designs and prescribes the most effective mini trampoline workouts in the world. Our team of fitness experts and qualified exercise specialists at ensure that you rebounding workouts are super effective, FUN and very motivating. This compilation DVD contains 3 progressive workout levels starting with the beginner, moving through intermediate and advance levels.
✔Level 1 – Mini trampoline workout contains a variety of easy exercises that will burn a huge amount of calories whilst toning the arms, legs and tummy muscles at the same time. This first section will take you through all the core moves and correct postures raising your heart rate preparing you for the next levels when you feel ready. All the exercises are designed to also create a good lymphatic pump resulting in an effective detoxifying workout. 20 minutes duration.
✔Level 2 – Rebounding workout starts by taking you through the first section (level 1) to ensure you have done a very comprehensive warm up and proper preparation for this more challenging section. The moves in level 2 become more complex and along with increased intensity will push you that little bit further ensuring that your body is always being challenged. This is a 10 minute section using High Intensity Interval Training principles to ensure you keep seeing great results!
✔Level 3 – Rebounding exercise workout takes you through both previous levels 1 & 2, before introducing you to brilliant intense exercise workout section that will push you to the Max! Following this section you can choose to do the Core and stretch section which will focus on your tummy muscles and strength and conditioning exercises for the whole body. The finishing stretch ensures you do a thorough cool down and maintain good body flexibility. All done on your indoor mini trampoline.

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