Driving or even sitting in the passenger’s seat can often become quite risky during pregnancy due to the additional weight and pressure from seat belts. That’s why this pregnancy seat belt is designed to secure the seat belt around the legs instead of on the belly. By ensuring that the expecting mother’s belly remains free and comfortable, the pregnancy seat belt reduces risks of injury to the mother and child in case of any untoward accidents.

How To Use
1. Wrap the maternity seat belt extender around the car seat.
2. Make sure the maternity seat belt adjuster is positioned in front of the crotch.
3. Wear your seat belt normally.
4. Pull out the lap belt and slide it under the pregnancy seat belt adjuster.

Plastic Material: ABS and PC
Belt Material: High Quality Nylon
Color: Black

What’s In The Box?
1 Maternity Seat Belt Adjuster

Product Features

  • Secure Protection Against Accidents: This pregnancy seat belt helps ensure that you and your baby remain safe and unharmed even during unforeseen accidents. The seat belt for pregnant women is specially designed not to press against the belly and uterus even when the car is affected strongly by force or collisions, thus ensuring that the baby remains safe no matter what. With this maternity seat belt, you and your baby can be fully prepared for anything that happens on the road.
  • Zero Pressure On The Belly: The pregnancy seat belt adjuster is designed to keep weight completely off the belly as much as possible in order to ensure maximum safety and comfort for both the mother and child. With the pregnancy seatbelt, anyone can enjoy a nice long drive without feeling any pain or discomfort. Expecting mothers can also rely on the maternity seat belt extender to help them ride safely and more comfortably even during long road trips.
  • Quick, Hassle-Free Installation and Use: Setting up the pregnancy seat belt adjuster is incredibly quick and easy for pregnant women. Installing the maternity seat belt extender only takes a couple of minutes and doesn’t require any heavy lifting or power tools. The pregnancy seat belt is also incredibly practical and easy to use when getting in and out of the car. Simply push in, release the hook, and get out of the car all in less than ten minutes.
  • Comfortable and Convenient Driving: Daily commutes and chores can become much more fun and relaxing with the maternity seat belt. The maternity seat belt adjuster for pregnant women allows expecting mothers to drive with two hands instead of having to hold on to the seat belt all the time. By taking pressure off the stomach and allowing more room in the driver’s seat, the pregnancy seatbelt makes driving a much more fun, easy, and comfortable task.
  • Compatible With All Expecting Mothers: This maternity seat belt adjuster for pregnant women can easily adjust and move to accommodate any woman no matter what trimester they’re in. The maternity seat belt also works great for women who have had cesarean sections or other abdominal surgeries as it ensures that the wound doesn’t get hurt or damaged because of additional weight or pressure from regular seat belts.

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