Track your eating and exercise for optimal weight loss!

The Diet Planner For Weight Loss is designed with 130 sheets of meal and excersise planning. Perfect for people interested in weight loss, body builders or a casual gym enthisiats. 

Why You Will Love this Planner?

Meal Planner. Plan out a week’s worth of meals in advance and write down grocery shopping list.

Food Log. Manage your daily nutrition and track the different items you have consumed during the day and their nutritional values.

Workout Journal. It contains stylish and thoughtful daily workout pages, perfect for gym enthisiast of all calibers. It also contains a boxes to log a complete workout, including stretch and warmup, water intake and a quick rating of how the workout went.

Makes a Wonderful Gift. Know someone who wants to plan and prepare their own weekly plans and record desired progress. Make them smile by getting them a copy too!

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