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ALL NATURAL MORNING SICKNESS RELIEF FOR PREGNANT WOMEN – The red raspberry leaf, chamomile, and peppermint in Herb Lore’s Pregnancy Tea are known for their ability to calm nausea and morning sickness. Sip the refreshing tea, hot or cold, to calm to provide pregnancy nausea relief.
PREGNANCY TEA PROVIDES PREGNANCY CONSTIPATION RELIEF – Alfalfa and nettle leaf provide all natural constipation relief. All natural herbs are healthier for you and your baby than over the counter laxatives and constipation medicines.
SOOTHES PREGNANCY LEG CRAMPS – Alfalfa and nettle contain high levels of magnesium and calcium which help prevent and relieve painful pregnancy leg cramps.
SUPPORTS RELAXATION AND ANXIETY RELIEF – The high level of calcium and magnesium in this caffeine free pregnancy tea helps relax your mind and reduces pregnancy stress and anxiety. Drink a cup in the evening and have a restful night’s sleep. Refreshing calming tea for anxiety and natural sleep aid.
GREAT THIRD TRIMESTER LABOR PREP TEA – Red raspberry leaf tea is well known for its uterus toning properties. Well-toned uterine muscles can lead to a quicker and less painful labor and delivery and also help prevent postpartum hemorrhages.

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