Most of Our Customers Reported Getting their BFP (big fat positive) as early as 9 DPO with PreKnow Early Pregnancy Test Strips.
Being a mom is a life journey, PreKnow is glad to be with you at the first start.
Size: 100 Pack

Product you will receive:
100 individually sealed pregnancy test strips packed in a PreKnow branded box.

About PreKnow Pregnancy Test Strips:
PreKnow Pregnancy Test Strip is a one-step home use pregnancy test that you can easily perform on your own. It detects the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (“hCG”–the pregnancy hormone), which appears very early in urine during pregnancy.
If you are pregnant, with Preknow Pregnancy Test Strips, you may get a positive/faint positive result as soon as on PO12 (12 days pass ovulation).

Product Features:

  • Easy to Use. Just One Step: dip the strip into urine for 3-5 seconds, lay it flat and wait for the lines to be showing in the result window. That’s all you need to do.
  • Instant results. Positive results as soon as 1 minute.
  • Over 99% accuracy. Same accuracy as a lab urine test. 1-2 days earlier than your expected period starting date. NO MORE GUESSING.
  • FDA Approved for OTC use.

Product Features

  • Wider strips and darker lines than most of the brands. Easy to use , easy to read, and cost effective.
  • Over 99.8% accuracy, clinically proven, and U.S. FDA approved for over-the-counter use and self-testing.
  • PreKnow Early Pregnancy Test Strip detects pregnancy 1-2 days sooner than your expected period starting date.
  • Got BFP as early as 9DPO.
  • 100 strips, individual sealed pack.

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