Why choose GenderSense?

Over 60% of expecting parents in North America are excited to know the sex of their baby before they are born! GenderSense is a fun & exciting tool that can determine the sex of a baby 10 full weeks before a traditional ultrasound can with 80-92% accuracy*.

How Does GenderSense Work?

20mL of the first morning urine of an expectant mother is pulled through the provided syringe and is inserted into the top of the testing vessel containing the GenderSense formulation. After lightly swirling the testing vessel, the contents will settle and the results can be viewed after 5 minutes!

If the male hormone is detected, a BOY! result will appear which is determined by a smokey green formulation color change. If the male hormone is NOT detected, the formulation will remain unchanged, with a similar color to the first morning urine that was introduced, producing a GIRL! result!

*Please read User Guide, Terms & Conditions in full prior to using kit*


  • Baby Shower Gift
  • Gender Reveal Party Gift
  • Mothers Day Gift
  • Birthday present for Expecting parents
  • Surprise gift for Grandparents
  • GenderSense comes in the premium package as shown within the images – making it the perfect gift you will be proud to give and happy to receive! Click ADD TO CART now to receive your GenderSense Gender Prediction kit!

    Product Features

    • ✔ 80-92% ACCURACY RATES* …..with results in just 5 minutes at home!
    • ✔ RESULTS IN JUST 5 MINUTES! ….. Non-invasive urine-based Gender Prediction at home
    • ✔ USE AS EARLY AS 10 WEEKS! …Expecting parents everywhere are experiencing the joy & excitement of predicting the sex of their baby as early as 10 weeks into pregnancy!
    • ✔ THE PERFECT BABY SHOWER OR GENDER REVEAL GIFT! …..Kit includes: 1 GenderSense Testing Vessel, 1 product user guide & 1 GenderSense plastic syringe
    • ✔ NON-INVASIVE …..urine-based gender prediction kit can be used at home for a fun experience with partners & friends! No weeks of waiting, needles or blood tests

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