Fertile is a revolutionary approach to conscious motherhood. Applying visionary concepts to fertility and pregnancy, Pritam Atma shares a beautifully illustrated guide to heal your body, mind, and spirit in preparation for pregnancy and creating an enlightened child. This book opens a doorway into the unknown mysteries of creation.

This book is written for women who are struggling with fertility, want to consciously conceive, and those who are already pregnant. It is applicable to women who have no children and those who want more. The transformational process can be utilized whether you become pregnant naturally or with medical help from intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization or an egg donor.

Pritam introduces a new paradigm by teaching women that they are the genetic engineers of their babies during pregnancy. This modern approach to motherhood gives women their power back. Learn how to consciously create a child with thoughts and emotions based on love and harmony.

From diet and mental health to career and relationships, Fertile balances every aspect of your life to increase fertility and dramatically alter your approach to pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. Explore unique ways to transform by increasing your happiness and well-being during the most critical period of your child’s development.

Combining cutting-edge scientific theory with sacred spiritual revelations, this is a road map to activating your divine role as a mother. Whether this is your first child or your third, Fertile is designed explicitly for all women who are ready to awaken to their divinity and improve this planet by creating highly conscious children.

  • Apply emerging scientific research on behavioral epigenetics to pregnancy. Learn how to improve your child’s consciousness by changing your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, environment, and diet.
  • Enhance your nutrition, heal generational patterns and increase your level of spirituality in preparation for conscious motherhood.
  • Understand the transformative power of alchemy and learn how the elements, your level of sensory awareness, and sacred geometry help to design your child.
  • Master your thoughts and increase your level of awareness by projecting an experience based on love, rather than fear, for your growing child during pregnancy.
  • Improve your relationship through enhanced intimacy and heightened sexuality. Create the Holy Trinity through the activation of the divine masculine, divine feminine and holy child.

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