The Eklo SleepNook Full Body Pregnancy Pillow helps pregnant women get a better night’s rest in vast number of ways. You can use this pillow in countless different configurations. This body pillow conforms to your body’s natural curve to help provide support for your back, neck, and pregnant belly. Adjustable polyfill material helps provide relief from stress points as well as neck and back pain. This body pillow is perfect for anyone who needs more support for their back or legs when they sleep, but this pillow truly shines as a maternity pillow. Pregnancy pain and discomfort can make sleeping difficult. The SleepNook Maternity Sleep System is a pregnancy pillow designed to replace the many other pillows you’d need to use at night to support your head, neck, legs, back, and especially your belly. Includes three (3) detachable extensions that allow you to customize your pregnancy pillow to give you support wherever you need it most. Makes an excellent nursing pillow too! Includes a SUPER SOFT machine washable, jersey knit cotton pillow case.

Product Features

  • The Eklo Maternity Pregnancy Pillow includes an “L” shaped arm for your back or belly, a straight “I” shaped arm, and a rectangular portion for your head, feet, or anywhere else you choose to use it
  • All 3 pieces are detachable, allowing you to rearrange the SleepNook in an infinite number of ways, giving each pregnant woman a unique and truly customizable level of comfort and support
  • The center “arm connector” keeps the 2 sides of your full body pillow from drifting apart and prevents you from rolling around in your sleep
  • Upper portion of the maternity pillow can be detached so you can use your own head pillow while still getting full body support from the Eklo pregnancy pillow
  • Every Eklo maternity pillow includes a super soft jersey cotton cover that is zipper-removable and machine washable

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