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How to Use:

Remove the home pregnancy test from the packaging bag and remove the protective cap.

Option 1
Urinate on the absorbent strip for at least 5 seconds. Note: the absorbent tape must be completely wet.

Option 2
You can also collect the urine in a clean, dry cup and immerse the full absorbent tape in the urine for 10 seconds.

Place the test on a flat surface with the result window facing up.
Wait 5 minutes before reading the result.

Read the Result:

Positive (Pregnancy): A pink line appears in the test window (T). It means you may be pregnant.
Negative (Not Pregnancy): No pink line appears in the test window(T).
Invalid: If no visible line is present or there is only one line visible in the test window (T) and not in the control window (C), the test result is invalid. Retest with a new one.

What should I do with my results?

If your pregnancy test results are positive, you should consult your doctor and know what steps should be do next.
If your test is negative and you still think you may be pregnant, re-test a few days later.

Product Features

  • Safe & Accurate: All of our pregnancy tests are CE certified and FDA approved. Over 99% accurate at detecting pregnancy hormone from the day of your expected period.
  • Early Detection Pregnancy Test: It can be used 4 days before your missed period (missed period is the day after you expect your period).
  • Easy to Use and Read: At-home test, urinate directly on the absorbent band for at least 5 seconds, read your result in just 3-5 minutes. Two pink lines pregnant, One pink line not pregnant.
  • Extend Design: Just put the cap on the back and extend to prevent a mess. Testing with clean hands this time.
  • Individually Packaged: The kit contains 2 early result pregnancy test sticks and instruction. Hygienic and convenience. If you have any questions about our producst, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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