Pregnancy C shaped pillow comfort and follow the contour and shape of your body and helps you relieve back pain, neck stiff, lower back pain. C shaped is perfect for pregnant women with a full body surrounding support such as back, lower back, hip, leg and feet support. This pregnancy C shaped maternity support can relieve your pregnancy pain and pressure and improve sleeping and feeding.

Product Features

  • Total Body Support: 140 cm is long enough for optimal comfort from head to toe. This pillow is an ideal solution against the pain in the hip or back, fibromyalgia, sciatica, during the night of the pregnancy. It is also helpful for anyone, as a postoperative pillow, to provide cushioning where you need it. Whether you have had a knee or hip replacement surgery, an operation on the spine or shoulder, this pillow will help you.
  • Superior quality filling material: superior density and soft, this odorless bionic polyethylene single pad provides support for back pain while retaining the down for better performance and optimal relaxation
  • A wonderful gift ✔: hypoallergenic and comfortable is now available. Its U-shaped maternity pillow is the best gift for your family and friends.
  • Multiple functions: This maternity body pillow offers multiple positions every time you sleep, read, breastfeed, watch TV or breastfeed. fatigue your back muscles while you sleep.
  • Months Worries Free✔: Fabulous dream offers you a refund or exchange of 30 days. Any problem seems to be asking.

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