Why a DHA Supplement For Pregnant Women? Unless you eat a lot of fish already – your dietary intake of DHA is likely sub-optimal. If you are pregnant it is absolutely critical to correct this immediately.The American Pregnancy Association recommends pregnant and lactating women get 300mg of DHA daily. Dr. James Greenberg recommends The dietary goal for omega-3 fatty acids is 650mg of which 300mg is DHA while keeping mercury intake very low. The Diet Standards Prenatal DHA Supplement contains 450mg DHA derived from Algae grown in a clean sustainable environment. High Quality You Can Trust: Our Prenatal DHA vitamin has zero soy is gluten-free dairy-free contains zero nuts or fish is 3rd party lab tested manufactured at a GMP/FDA/NSF certified facility based in the USA and is 100% guaranteed to exceed your expectations or your money back. When You’re Pregnant There’s Enough To Think About: Let us handle the proper DHA supplementation for you and your baby. You handle getting the baby room and diaper supply ready!

Product Features

  • 100% VEGAN. Made in the USA. Diet Standards Prenatal DHA Supplement contains 450mg DHA derived from Algae grown in a clean sustainable environment. Omega-3 DHA is a fatty acid that has been shown to play a big role in baby brain nervous system and eye development.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS. If you are pregnant lactating or nursing the Diet Standards Prenatal DHA vitamins are your number 1 choice. We understand that there are a lot of choices when looking for quality prenatal vitamins with DHA. And that’s why we went the extra mile to create a high-quality product you can trust so you can get the highest quality nutritional nourishment for you & your baby.
  • 3RD PARTY LAB TESTED. Diet Standards is proud that our high-quality nutritional supplements are made in a GMP/FDA approved facility. All of our products are tested for purity at a 3rd party lab. This ensures that you are taking the highest quality Parental DHA product for you and your baby. And YES or Parental DHA is both gluten-free & dairy-free with the DHA coming from algae and not fish.
  • 2 MONTHS SUPPLY IN ONE BOTTLE – Unlike other pregnancy vitamins or supplements for pregnant women our Prenatal DHA Supplement has 180 vegan softgels in one bottle. That’s a full 60-day supply! Our soft small and easy-to-swallow gellcaps (all natural ingredients) ensure that you & your baby get your daily recommended amount of DHA without that unwanted aftertaste or unpleasant fish burps.
  • 100% GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK. Pregnancy is stressful enough. Let us help take a load off your purchase here. Diet Standards offers our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We go far beyond standard DHA products to ensure our products exceed quality and purity. But if in 30 days you are unsatisfied for any reason we will provide you a prompt refund. We stand by (and use) our own products.

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