Raising a bright and happy child starts during pregnancy and early infancy, when small changes can have a big impact on brain development.

By taking advantage of this golden window of opportunity—when millions of new brain cells are formed every single day—you can help support your child’s IQ, language development, memory, attention span, and emotional regulation. Importantly, the same strategies that nurture these cognitive abilities can also help reduce the odds of autism and ADHD, conditions that now impact 1 in 10 children.

Brain Health from Birth is your guide to this new scientific frontier, explaining which key nutrients may be missing from your prenatal supplement, how to reduce the odds of preterm birth, what to look for in a formula, how to support your baby’s microbiome, and much more.With contributions from leading obstetricians and pediatricians, science writer Rebecca Fett (author of the bestselling fertility book It Starts with the Egg )brings you practical advice you can start applying today, to help your baby thrive.

“Brain Health From Birth is a book that should be read by every obstetrician, pediatrician, or woman considering pregnancy. It provides current consolidated knowledge on how to achieve the optimal neurodevelopment of the child to be. I highly recommend this book to all interested in optimal pregnancy outcomes.” – Dr. Bruce W Hollis, Professor of Pediatrics, Medical University of South Carolina.

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